Putting a Stop to Periodontal Disease Prior to Receiving Implants

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Receiving Implants

Analysts in the dental industry have called dental implants one of the most major breakthroughs in dental technology. By encouraging the growth of new, healthier bones in your  jaw, dental implants will actually allow you to fully reverse the effects of tooth loss caused by decay or gum disease. 

Millions of patients have already experienced improved health and increased confidence provided by dental implants; why not be next?

For starters, you just might not be ready to receive this type of treatment. To make your implant placement a success, your gums will need to be in prime condition to receive prior to placing them. This ensures that they are safe and fairly disease-free, reducing any risks of infection. Thus, your dentist must first support you in the management of your parodontal condition before assessing your eligibility for dental implants.

Preventing the Spread and Recurrence of Gum Disease

Next, planning for dental implants requires you to have an evaluation of your gums. “Pockets” will start to form in the spaces between your teeth and gum tissue that can harbor infectious bacteria. Pockets greater than four millimeters are often a telling sign of a periodontal infection.

Once you’re diagnosed , Our dentist will extract the diseased tissue by deep cleaning your teeth using ultrasonic scaling tools that do the job without harming the healthy parts of your surrounding gums.

You might not be out of the woods just yet, following the treatment. Gum disease will easily happen again if you don’t make the necessary changes to your daily dental regimen to prevent it. This typically Including:

  • Brushing and flossing after every meal (not just twice daily) 
  • Rinsing your mouth after drinking acidic or sugary beverages
  • Routinely using an antiseptic mouthwash

Establishing these habits now will not only hold periodontal disease at bay but also help the long-term effectiveness of the implant .

You should admire the beautiful smile that periodontal disease has robbed from you. Yet, you’ve got to tackle the problem head on before that can happen. Our dental experts and the rest of our well trained dental team at Overseas Dental would like to assist you in his battle. Contact us today at our Key Largo, FL offices to schedule your appointment.

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