Pro Arch Implants - Key Largo, FL

A New Life After Just One Visit

Pro Arch Has Revolutionized Dental Care

Endless appointments are a thing of the past. With Straumann® Pro Arch full arch dental implants, you can leave our Key Largo, FL office with fully functional, natural-looking replacement teeth after just one visit. Pro Arch implants are made of a unique zirconium and titanium blend that lasts a lifetime and allows for faster healing and less pain. They also offer the smallest implant on the market—which can eliminate the need for bone grafting if you have limited bone height. We begin the implant procedure by placing posts into your jaw, after which we immediately fit you with a set of sturdy temporary teeth that work just like natural teeth. At your next visit, we place your final restoration. With over 300 placements per year, we’re your trusted dental implant specialists.

Pro Arch Prerequisites

In order to enjoy these benefits from Pro Arch full arch dental implants, you may first need to have some related procedures. As a multi-specialty dental practice, we can perform any implant-related procedures you need right here in one convenient location, as well as a full menu of other dental services. You may need decayed or damaged teeth removed before receiving your Pro Arch dental implants. Our skilled Overseas Dental team can usually perform tooth extractions during the very same visit. If you have significant jawbone loss, the bone may need to be restored through bone grafting before it can support dental implants. During this procedure we insert a small piece of bone from another part of your body into the area of the decayed jawbone. The grafted bone eventually becomes part of your jaw, allowing you to receive Pro Arch dental implants.

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Options for Your Complete Comfort

We understand that dental work can cause pain and worry. To minimize any discomfort or stress you may feel during Pro Arch placement, we provide IV sedation, oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and local anesthesia. Dr. Jerry M. Layne, MD, DDS, a member of our team here at our Key Largo, FL office, is certified in IV sedation and general anesthesia. He and the rest of us will do everything in our power to make sure you have a comfortable, positive experience.

The Benefits of Pro Arch Full Arch Dental Implants

  • Replace lost or decayed teeth with beautiful new ones
  • Smile and speak again without worry
  • Enjoy a self-confidence boost
  • Eat all your favorite foods
  • Preserve your jaw

Enjoy life to the fullest with Pro Arch full arch dental implants!