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With multiple dental specialists in a single, convenient location, Overseas Dental is the obvious choice for anyone in Key Largo, FL needing dental services. We’re staffed by practitioners with exceptional credentials and qualifications. The combined experience of our team adds up to well over a century of proven results. Let us manage every aspect of dental care for you and your entire family. From your earliest days to your adult years, and through all your changing needs, you can get all the examinations, treatments, and other dental services you need right here.

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The broad expertise of our team of highly trained and experienced specialists enables us to provide a broad range of dental services in one facility. We can assist you with virtually any issues you may encounter, from everyday tooth pain to more serious conditions that require urgent action. The list below includes many of those dental services, though it’s not a comprehensive list. If you don’t see something you’re specifically looking for, please reach out to us in our Key Largo, FL office to find out how we can help you.

If your bite doesn’t feel right, it might indicate a misalignment of your teeth. We can adjust your teeth to ease your discomfort and correct any functionality issues.

We’ll do a thorough examination of your mouth to look for any indications of potentially serious issues.

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If you clench or grind your teeth (a condition known as bruxism) you might wear down the enamel and develop temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. We can remedy these and protect your teeth with various treatments.

If you develop cavities or chipped teeth, we can often easily repair them with fillings.

In instances of a minor cavity or a minimally damaged tooth, we may be able to replace the affected portion of your tooth without using crowns.

When your smile shows more of your gums than your teeth, we can remove a small portion of your gums and reshape the remaining soft tissues to create a better balance.

Your frenula are the tissues that attach your upper lip to your upper gums and the bottom of your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. When these tissues restrict movement, eating and speaking can be difficult. We can excise problem tissues to give your mouth full freedom of movement.

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