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Your Source for Comprehensive Dental Care

Overseas Dental Offers You a Lifetime of Care

There are many reasons you’ll need to visit a dentist office throughout your life: regular checkups, braces, dentures, dental implants … the list goes on. At Overseas Dental, our staff is comprised of specialists in all the major areas of dentistry. That means that you and your entire family need never go anywhere else for your dental care. We’ll get to know your family and help them grow over the years. You’ll come to see the relaxed, caring, welcoming setting of our Key Largo, FL office like a small home away from home. You’ll also appreciate how our extensive range of advanced technology makes maintaining your oral health more effective, comfortable, and stress-free. Overseas Dental is like no other dental practice.

We’re Here for You with Many Specialties and Services

At Overseas Dental we have the unique advantage of offering care from professionals trained and credentialed in prosthodontics, oral surgery, pediatrics, endodontics, and orthodontics, all under one roof. Our family of specialists is growing, too, to enable us to continue meeting your evolving needs. When your children need checkups, we’re here for them. When they need braces, the same. Later in life, when your dental care needs can become more complex, we’re still here. Dental implants? We place more than 300 of them each year. Need extractions as either a standalone procedure or in combination with other treatments? We do more than 700 of them annually. Look to us as a trusted friend who manages every detail of your dental health.

Why Choose Overseas Dental?

  • Multiple specialties under one roof
  • Continuity of care
  • Treatment for your entire family
  • Fully equipped with advanced dental technology
  • Detail-focused patient care
  • Relaxed, caring atmosphere
  • Gentle approach to dentistry
  • Implant and extraction experts

Overseas Dental: Come for a visit, expect an unequalled experience.