Soft Tissue Recontouring - Key Largo, FL

Balance Your Smile

Soft Tissue Recontouring Is the Solution

Two full rows of healthy teeth are an ideal to which most people aspire, and we help people just like you achieve that goal every day. Sometimes, though, you may want more than that—a balanced smile with a better teeth-to-gum ratio. Without it, you might be reluctant to smile no matter how healthy your teeth and gums may be. Our staff of smile specialists can transform your “gummy smile” by performing a procedure called soft tissue recontouring (or crown lengthening)—a cosmetic dentistry process that’s available as part of the comprehensive suite of dental services we offer here in a single, convenient Key Largo, FL office.

How Soft Tissue Recontouring Works

Soft tissue recontouring involves our highly trained and skilled team preserving the natural shape of your gums around your tooth or teeth as we carefully remove some of the adjacent gum tissue. With crown lengthening, we take away a portion of your gums to expose more of the surface of your teeth. The end result is those teeth appear longer and the gums at their base shorter, balancing out your tooth-to-gum ratio and turning that gummy smile into a glowing smile that you won’t hesitate to share with the world. See what soft tissue contouring can do for your appearance—and your confidence!

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What Are the Benefits of Soft Tissue Recontouring?

  • Improve your tooth-to-gum ratio
  • Rebuild your confidence with a smile that will make you proud
  • Reduce your risk of tooth decay and disease

Other Advantages of Soft Tissue Recontouring

Soft tissue recontouring / crown lengthening is a safe and effective procedure that can create a better balance of teeth and gums that looks amazing. But the benefits go far beyond the aesthetic! Soft tissue recontouring enables deeper cleaning in cases of infection, helping preserve the overall health of the area. It can also provide more space for a crown placement , should you need it, and prepare your teeth for orthodontic treatment—both of which are also performed right here in the same Key Largo, FL, office in addition to our cosmetic dentistry services. What’s more, we can generally complete soft tissue recontouring in a single visit!

See the eye-catching results of soft tissue recontouring for yourself at Overseas Dental.