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A Better Bite and a More Beautiful Smile

Traditional Braces Have Stood the Test of Time

Crooked teeth can cause multiple problems. The most obvious one is appearance—crooked teeth can be unattractive and make you self-conscious about social interactions. Not only are the aesthetics of your smile affected, the normal, comfortable functionality of your mouth is also compromised. If your top and bottom teeth don’t fit together when you bite down (malocclusion), you may have trouble eating and speaking. And there are other potential dental health implications. Traditional braces are a reliable solution to all of these issues. While other teeth-straightening options have become available over the years, the fact is, traditional braces are still available and highly requested because they work remarkably well.

Traditional Dental Solution, Exceptional Dental Credentials

Our team here at Overseas Dental in Key Largo, FL includes a pair of exceptionally qualified specialists in orthodontics. Drs. Piero Palacio and loan Pablo Palacios both completed dental degrees at the University of Connecticut and are members of top organizations in the dental field, including the American Association of Orthodontics and the Florida Dental Association. Trust these skilled, accomplished professionals to deliver traditional braces that will realign your smile and allow you to get more pleasure from life.

Benefits of Traditional Braces

  • Cost-effective option
  • Comparatively quick application
  • Highly durable
  • Smooth transition to straight teeth
patient interaction
Dr. Palacios smiling with ortho patient

Traditional Braces for All Ages, and More

As a multi-specialty practice, we can provide braces to patients from childhood onward. Dr. Palacios’ primary specialization is traditional braces. We recognize that the pre-teen and teen years present many emotional and social challenges for children and that these can be exacerbated by the thought of painful dental procedures and concerns about how long they will have to wear braces. The good news is twofold: being fitted for braces doesn’t hurt and fixed traditional braces allow for shorter treatment time. The added benefit of fixed braces is that children can’t lose or forget them somewhere! Rest assured, we always take extraordinary care to make our juvenile recipients of braces feel comfortable.

While traditional braces are most commonly associated with teenagers, you may be surprised to learn that a growing number of adults are choosing them. They can treat the same issues that require children to get braces—malocclusion and crooked teeth—and offer the same great results that children enjoy. See if traditional braces are right for you or members of your family! Schedule a visit to our Key Largo, FL office, where we offer a complete range of dental specialties in one convenient facility.

Trust your teeth to the experts in orthodontics!