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Full Mouth Reconstruction Restores Your Quality of Life

If you have severe oral health issues that are impacting your ability to live a normal life and that aren’t easily remedied by a single procedure, our team may recommend full mouth reconstruction. When your mouth is in a poor condition, it can be painful, embarrassing, and even frightening, with the uncertainty that you might not be able to look and feel like yourself again. Full mouth reconstruction involves not just a single procedure, but a combination of restorative, cosmetic, and reconstructive dental procedures that can help you reclaim complete function, proper oral health, and an improved quality of life. All of these procedures can be done right here at Overseas Dental in Key Largo, FL by our highly skilled and experienced multi-specialty team.
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A Selection of Our Full Mouth Reconstruction Services

Crowns and Bridges : As critical tools in restorative dentistry, crowns and bridges remedy both aesthetic and functionality issues with your teeth. These are full mouth reconstruction procedures that restore decayed, worn or broken teeth using artificial teeth (or crowns) and bridges to fill in gaps where you’ve lost teeth. Our team uses well-practiced skill and the latest dental techniques to create custom-fitted crowns and bridges that look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.

Dental Implants : Dental implants are realistic, permanent solutions that we can use to replace one missing tooth, or even an entire set of missing teeth (with full arch dental implants or implant supported dentures). As part of your full mouth reconstruction, we can also perform any tooth extractions or bone grafting you may need before dental implant placement—often during the same visit! Our practice places more than 300 implants each year.

Soft Tissue Recontouring : Through soft tissue recontouring we can access and treat tooth damage that’s located below your gum line. Have gums that look too long or teeth that look too short? With soft tissue recontouring we can also remove small pieces of gum and reshape the remaining soft tissues to give you a more balanced smile.

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