Implant Supported Dentures - Key Largo, FL

A Secure Alternative to Traditional Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures Provide Peace of Mind

It’s a concern nearly everyone with dentures shares: You’re chatting happily with a friend and your dentures suddenly slip. You put them back into place, but you feel awkward after unintentionally revealing the truth behind your smile. Dentures are a good substitute for your missing teeth, but they’re not something you necessarily want others to know about.

Slippage while speaking and eating is a real possibility when you have removable dentures. This friction can lead to gum irritation and even infections. Removable dentures also need extra care, frequently requiring messy, sometimes unreliable adhesives in order to stay in place each day. With implant supported dentures, expertly fitted by our in-house specialists, we can eliminate these problems for good!

See Excellent Results as Soon as the Same Day

Our team has decades of combined experience in placing dental implants and implant supported dentures. Before we perform any procedure, we first determine if implant supported dentures are the best option for you, and then develop a customized treatment plan. This includes making an impression of your teeth to ensure your implant supported dentures fit into your mouth properly and seamlessly blend with any other adjacent teeth you may have. On a follow-up visit we do your dental implant restoration and can generally provide a set of provisional (temporary) dentures that will allow you to enjoy normal activities as soon as the same day. Once your permanent dentures are ready, you’ll return to Overseas Dental to have them placed, and leave our Key Largo, FL office ready to enjoy all the benefits they offer.

Remember, we provide all phases of your dental care under one roof!

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Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

  • Eat, drink, laugh, speak, and smile with total confidence
  • Enjoy a permanent, natural-looking solution
  • Keep them for a lifetime by providing proper care
  • Get rid of adhesives for good
  • Maintain good oral health and overall health

Comprehensive Care Under One Roof

Dental implant restoration involves opening your gums and then anchoring screw-like devices in your jawbone. This may cause you concern, but know that we offer IV sedation and several forms of anesthesia to minimize your physical and mental discomfort throughout the process. If you’ve suffered extensive bone loss in your jaw and require bone grafting before you can have dental implants placed, our team may be able to complete that procedure during the same visit. Likewise, any tooth extractions that need to be done to accommodate your dental implants can generally be completed at the same time.

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