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We Have a Permanent Tooth Replacement Solution

Decaying or missing teeth can make everyday necessities like eating and speaking, as well as social activities, uncomfortable and awkward. Fortunately, there’s a solution—a permanent solution—that will not only restore your ability to live life normally again, but also give you unprecedented confidence.

Dental implants are today’s top choice for replacing one decayed or missing tooth or even all of your teeth, if needed. Constructed from biocompatible titanium, dental implants are screw-like devices that act as the root of a new artificial tooth. The titanium implant is placed into your jawbone and eventually becomes a permanent part of your body. After the insertion site heals, we add a crown on top of the implant using a connecting piece called an abutment. The crown itself looks like a completely natural tooth—so much so that few people will be able to tell the difference. You will definitely know the difference in how you feel once your smile is restored.

All aspects of dental implant restoration—from placement to follow-up care—are handled by our in-house team of extensively trained specialists, who place more than 300 implants per year! You can be sure they’ll take the greatest care in giving you new teeth that will fit your mouth perfectly, blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth, and enhance your quality of life to a level you never thought possible.

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Dr. Layne explains why a dental implant is preferred for tooth replacement

The Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Enjoy permanent, natural-looking replacement teeth
  • Eat all your favorite foods without discomfort
  • Speak without worry
  • Restore your facial aesthetics
  • Keep your adjoining teeth stable
  • Smile again with complete confidence

Before Your Dental Implant Placement

At Overseas Dental we manage every facet of your dental care. Sometimes you may need tooth extractions before you can receive dental implants. If that’s the case, our skilled team can generally perform them during the same visit to our Key Largo, FL office. In instances where you have suffered severe bone loss in your jaw, you will need your jawbone restored before it can support dental implants. Through a procedure called bone grafting, we remove a small piece of bone from another part of your body and place it in the area of the decayed jawbone. This eventually fuses with and becomes a permanent part of your jaw. We can then perform your dental implant treatment. We understand that any kind of dental work can cause you physical and mental discomfort. To ease any pain or anxiety you may experience during these or other procedures, we provide IV sedation , oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and local anesthesia. We’ll do everything possible to ensure you have a comfortable, stress-free experience.
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Discover all the benefits of dental implants at our Key Largo, FL office.