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Tooth Pain Can Point to Serious Issues

When Special Treatment Is Required

If the nerve and the pulp of one of your teeth becomes severely infected, acute pain and sensitivity typically result. These can be signs of cavities, but often they’re an indication of a far more advanced state of tooth decay. An infected tooth or a tooth that has suffered severe trauma and has gone untreated can develop deep decay that reaches to its very roots, potentially compromising the health and viability of the entire tooth. In such cases, root canals may become necessary.

Root Canals Can Be a Better Choice Than Tooth Extraction

The nerve of the tooth is the source of its sensation. It tells your teeth whether a food or drink is hot or cold. While a tooth extraction is one option for relief in cases of extreme tooth decay, it’s sometimes not the ideal solution, as it this can have negative effects on healthy adjacent teeth. Root canals are often the preferable choice.

With root canals, we remove all of the living tissue from the inside of your infected tooth without having to take out the entire tooth. We then reinforce your tooth by adding special dental materials into the empty space left by the excised nerves and pulp. Root canals, in conjunction with subsequent crown placement, can enable you to keep a previously infected tooth for a lifetime!

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Warning Signs You May Need Root Canals

  • Abscesses on your gums
  • Temperature-sensitive teeth
  • Severe toothache
  • Swelling or redness in tissues surrounding the teeth

Count on Extra Care

Root canals are delicate procedures requiring extensive skill and training. Rely on our highly trained and experienced in-house dental specialists to consistently produce the exceptional results you’re looking for, no matter what procedure or service you need. The Overseas Dental family is growing to enable us to better serve the evolving needs of patients just like you, with an expanding array of dental services available here at a single convenient office in Key Largo, FL. With our expertise, we’re able to address any dental issues you may have, from the gums that surround your teeth, to the roots and the bone that comprise the foundation of your teeth. We treat them all.

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