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Rebuild Your Jawline Through Bone Grafting

Regain the Foundation of Healthy, Attractive Teeth

When your teeth decay and fall out, the underlying jawbone loses its primary purpose of supporting those teeth and begins to deteriorate and recede. This leaves you with two problems: the lost teeth themselves, which compromise your facial aesthetics, your speech, and your ability to eat comfortably, and the lack of a foundation for replacement teeth. You must have sufficient bone in order to have dental implants placed, since, like tooth roots, they are anchored in your jawbone. Fortunately, our experts can restore your jawbone through a procedure called bone grafting, which enables us to provide you with dental implants as permanent replacement teeth.

Bone Grafting Brings Your Jaw Back

Bone grafting entails taking a small piece of bone from a part of your own body, from a donor, or from other natural sources, and inserting it into the area where you’ve lost bone. Over time this bone graft fuses with the existing jawbone—a process called osseointegration—and becomes a permanent, natural, healthy part of your body. With your jawbone restored, our team can place your dental implants, allowing you to have a complete, healthy, beautiful set of teeth once again! All aspects of your care—from bone grafting to dental implant replacement and any follow-up treatment—are performed right here by our highly trained team, including an oral surgeon and periodontist, in one convenient Key Largo, FL location!

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The Many Benefits of Bone Grafting

  • Prepares your smile for dental implants
  • Restores your lost jawbone
  • Stops your teeth from shifting
  • Fixes damage caused by gum disease
  • Restores your facial balance
  • Prevents you from looking older than you are
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More Methods of Jawbone Restoration

At Overseas Dental we can restore your jawbone and help you reclaim effortless functionality and your characteristic look using a variety of innovative methods. Bone loss in your upper jaw can cause your sinus to collapse. We remedy this through a procedure known as a sinus lift, during which we gently raise your sinus cavity and fill the space underneath with bone graft material. Once the bone has regenerated following your sinus lift procedure, your jawbone is able to support dental implants. If you’ve lost bone loss to the extent that your facial structure and aesthetics are drastically compromised, we can perform a procedure called a ridge augmentation, which involves using bone grafts to restore the natural contours of your jaw, giving your face back its distinctive shape and appearance.

We also use plasma-rich growth factors (PRF)—naturally-occurring proteins that we isolate in your blood and introduce into an incision area—to help you recover quickly after bone grafting. The experts on our team have the extensive experience to determine which methods are most suitable for you and apply them for the best possible outcomes.

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