Advanced Technology - Key Largo, FL

High-Tech Tools Yield Higher-Quality Care

Innovative Equipment Helps Drive Superior Results

At Overseas Dental we pride ourselves on being able to provide all of your dental care in one convenient location. We enjoy the distinct advantage of having professionals trained and credentialed in a wide range of specialties, from prosthodontics to oral surgery to pediatrics to orthodontics, all under one roof. And we’re still growing.

This expertise is complemented by an expanding array of advanced equipment—dental technology that enables us to effectively perform procedures in fewer visits, and with quicker completion and healing times. We’re always looking for and investing in better tools with which to serve the Key Largo, FL community!

dental X-ray device

Key Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology

  • Allows for more accurate diagnoses
  • Makes procedures less invasive
  • Produces more precise and predictable outcomes
  • Helps you better understand your treatment
  • Streamlines treatments
  • Shortens appointments

Our Core Dental Technology

VELscope is a handheld device that helps us detect oral cancer symptoms such as lesions. It works through Fluorescence Visualization (FV), where a bright blue light is shone inside your mouth, and problem areas are revealed on a screen. This tool is especially critical when you might have an issue with no obvious symptoms.

DIAGNOdent is a small device that uses a built-in laser fluorescence detector to quickly identify periodontitis, decay, and cavities in your teeth.

This is a sit-in imaging instrument that allows us to capture an expanded field of 3D imagery. Low Dose Technology (LDT) incorporated into the equipment enables it to capture images of your jaws, sinuses, and neck at as low as 20 percent of the radiation exposure that machines producing conventional 2D panoramic images emit.

Cone Beam CT is CAT/CT equipment that creates high-definition 3D images of your mouth, but with a distinct advantage over most CAT/CT machines used in hospitals—1/20 of the radiation exposure.

With this wand-like camera we can take high-quality, close-up digital images of the interior of your mouth, enabling us to provide more precise treatment as well as show you the problem areas we’re treating.

Protein-rich growth factors are proteins that are found naturally in your blood and stimulate the healing process in your body. We isolate these using a sample of your blood and then use them at the incision site for a number of different surgical procedures.

The latest dental technology is right here at Overseas Dental in Key Largo, FL