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Good Oral Health Starts at a Young Age

A lifetime of strong, healthy teeth starts with good daily dental hygiene habits and regular checkups. At home, good nutrition plays a key role. Minimize sugary foods and drinks in your children’s diets, while making sure they get plenty of calcium, which promotes healthy teeth and bones. Brushing twice a day is equally important. You should also take them for all scheduled checkups to ensure their teeth stay in the best condition for their age. With the accomplished and skilled pediatric dentistry specialists on our team here at our Key Largo, FL office, we can provide superior, gentle care to your children while making them feel comfortable and secure. In fact, as a multi-specialty practice we can provide services to every member of your family, making for fewer, more convenient visits and a lifetime of quality care.

When to Have the First Visit, and What to Expect

The best time to begin your child’s professional dental care is between the eruption of their first tooth—which can be as early as four months—and one year of age. Use your child’s first birthday as a guidepost and set reminders for yourself to make an appointment. During that initial visit, we’ll work to gain your child’s trust and make them familiar with our staff and our office setting, which is colorful, non-intimidating, and very kid-friendly. We understand that dental equipment can be intimidating to some children (and even adults) when they don’t know what it is or does. We’ll also make sure that you understand what to expect from your child’s future appointments and provide guidance on maintaining their dental health at home.

Overseas Dental’s Pediatric Dentistry Services

  • Cleanings and examinations
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Fillings
  • Sealants
  • Extractions

Put Your Trust in Pediatric Dentistry Pros

When you set your first appointment for your children at our Key Largo, FL office, more than likely you’ll be seeing either Dr. Jorge Landa or Dr. Christopher Bob, both of whom are South Florida natives well trained and experienced in children’s dentistry. These pediatricians have exceptional credentials, and are highly accomplished in their fields, with research publications and other important achievements, so you know your children will get the best of care. An equally important qualification is that they love helping kids! You’ll find that our pediatricians together with the rest of our multi-specialty team at Overseas Dental create a welcoming, relaxing environment where you and your family feel like part of our family.

Don’t leave your children’s dentistry needs to anyone else!