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Time-Tested, and Better Than Ever

Give Dentures Another Look

You might think of dentures as something your grandmother had, and while that may technically be true, Grandma never had ones like we offer now. In the past, dentures could be ill-fitting and look artificial. Now you can get these replacements for missing teeth in styles that appear more natural and feel more comfortable. You can still remove today’s dentures for cleaning and sleeping, but you’ll find they improve your appearance and your overall quality of life in a way that was never possible before.

At Overseas Dental, we expertly fit both full and partial dentures after determining which type is best suited to your specific state of oral health. Come in to our Key Largo, FL office for a consultation and you’ll see that our multispecialty practice is a convenient option for your entire family’s dental care, from everyday exams to the most sophisticated surgical procedures.

Complete Dentures: Conventional vs. Immediate

Full dentures replace your teeth after all of your teeth have fallen out or have been extracted due to decay or advanced gum disease. Dentures fall into two categories: conventional and immediate. We generally place the conventional version after all of your teeth have been removed and your gum tissue has healed, which can take up to six weeks after extraction. During the recovery period you will have no teeth, requiring you to eat a soft diet.

In contrast, we can place immediate dentures right after we’ve removed your teeth. You’ll leave our Key Largo, FL office with a set of teeth that enables you to resume normal activities such as eating solid foods much sooner. Once your gums have healed, you may need to return to have your dentures realigned or redesigned to ensure the best fit and performance.

Why Get Dentures?

  • Eat more of your favorite foods
  • Restore your full smile
  • Speak, laugh, and smile with more confidence
  • Save compared to the cost of some tooth replacement options
  • Remove them for cleaning and sleeping

Partial Dentures: Removable vs. Fixed

As the name suggests, partial dentures, sometimes called partials, are chosen when you have some healthy, natural teeth remaining—as few as one—in either jaw. Partials are custom-fitted to your mouth, filling the spaces where teeth are no longer present and complementing your existing ones to create a full set of teeth. Partials can be removable or fixed; both perform the same purpose, but the removable version allows for easier cleaning and consumption of some foods, while the fixed version can help maintain healthy jawbone density. After a thorough consultation, we’ll be able to determine the best solution for you.

See if dentures are a good fit for you!