How Botox Helps With TMJ Pain

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TMJ disorder

TMJ, known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction in its long form, is a common condition that pains over 3 million Americans annually. This problem can occur when a person’s hinged jaw joint is misaligned or inflamed. While there are many different ways of treating TMJ, Botox has grown to be a popular and effective alternative.Here are some facts about TMJ symptoms and how Botox can be of benefit. 

Kinds of Pain From TMJ 

TMJ causes pain in your head in a few different places like your eyes, neck, jaw or mouth. This pain may make chewing painful, and may give you the impression that your jaw is clenched or closed, even if it is not. Moving your jaw may cause it to make a sound that is reminiscent of a clicking noise, and may cause your jaw to lock up in rare cases.

Headaches and muscle spasms may also be symptoms of TMJ and your dentist should look into them. 

How Botox Can Help

Botox injections will relax certain muscles in your face depending on where the site for the injection is. This relaxation of the muscles around your jaw prevents small, often unconscious movements in this painful area, and can provide relief from TMJ-related pain. In general, the effects are felt within 24 to 48 hours after the injection.

Frequency of Treatment

Finally, Botox wears off, and some people can go quite some time without experiencing any type of pain. If any type of inflammation has triggered TMJ, then a Botox treatment can give the joint time to recover and may not require as frequent medical attention. You might receive multiple Botox injections for other medical or cosmetic causes, typically these are spaced out around three to four months apart.

If you suffer from jaw pain or chewing difficulty, it could be TMJ. This pain can lead to unwelcome headaches and is best treated with TMJ treatment experience by a professional. Contact our Key Largo, FL offices to arrange an appointment to speak with Our dentist to find out if Botox is the right treatment for your TMJ pain.

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