Maintaining Optimal Health

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Studies have proven that oral health, if not maintained can majorly affect other parts of the body. Oral health is extremely important to health as a whole, so ensuring we take optimal care of our teeth and realizing when signs and symptoms begin to show is significant. One of the issues that begins to cause other issues in the body is gum disease. Gum disease can be a silent killer if you’re not aware of what your oral health generally looks like. Without proper care of gum disease, periodontal disease can set in, which may bring upon problems such as losing teeth, gum recession, and tooth decay. When these issues begin, you should seek not only dental attention but general physician attention because of other associated risks.

Gum disease begins when bacteria rapidly accumulates in the mouth. Everyone’s oral cavity regularly populates mucus and plaque, but the concern begins when overpopulation occurs. When we do not brush and floss our teeth, daily, plaque and bacteria remains in the mouth. When plaque is not cleaned away, tartar can form. Tartar is a hard substance that accumulates and can cause tooth decay and soft tissue irritation. When tartar begins to form is when you should see a doctor for help. From there, the bacteria can cause our gums to inflame. At this condition, your oral health can be restored by brushing and flossing regularly.

Not seeking dental attention may cause periodontitis. This is when your gums become extremely unhealthy, causing gum recession and tooth decay. When your teeth are rotting and your gums are withering, teeth begin to fall out because they have no stability. If you don’t treat periodontitis, you risk having permanent damage in many forms to the oral cavity.

Identifying gum disease at the earliest stages is imperative. You should regularly watch for symptoms, which include: bad breath, swollen and/or bleeding gums, and toothaches. If you observe any of these signs, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Schedule an appointment with your dental provider for routine checkups and teeth cleanings. This will allow you to ensure proper dental hygiene, and record of any symptoms your dentist and their team begin to see.

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