Importance of Enamel

dental enamel

If you flip on a TV, every third or so commercial is about dental hygiene and overall tooth care. Enamel is a major thing discussed in these commercials, and that is because of how important it is. So many toothpaste companies exclaim they’re the best in protecting your teeth’s enamel, and their toothbrushes are just […]

Proper Oral Hygiene

oral hygiene

Understanding how to take care of your oral hygiene may seem straight forward. We are trained at a young age to maintain our oral health by brushing our teeth, day and night, but does that mean we are doing it properly? Here is a step by step process of what we all should be doing […]

Putting a Stop to Periodontal Disease Prior to Receiving Implants

Dental Implants

Analysts in the dental industry have called dental implants one of the most major breakthroughs in dental technology. By encouraging the growth of new, healthier bones in your  jaw, dental implants will actually allow you to fully reverse the effects of tooth loss caused by decay or gum disease.  Millions of patients have already experienced […]

How Botox Helps With TMJ Pain

TMJ disorder

TMJ, known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction in its long form, is a common condition that pains over 3 million Americans annually. This problem can occur when a person’s hinged jaw joint is misaligned or inflamed. While there are many different ways of treating TMJ, Botox has grown to be a popular and effective alternative.Here are […]

Alleviate Your Dental Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry

Alleviate Your Dental Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry

If your dental anxiety is keeping you from seeking dental treatment then you would be a good candidate for sedation. This is because it works to relax you and free you of any anxiety you may be feeling about seeking dental treatment. Your oral health is very important, and it’s connected to your overall health. […]

The Aligning of Misaligned Teeth

The Aligning of Misaligned Teeth

There is a common misconception that orthodontics is only for kids. In fact, most adults avoid getting their misaligned teeth corrected because they are embarrassed about the idea of being seen with metal brackets and wires in their adult life. However, thanks to advancements in orthodontics there are options available for adults who are apprehensive […]

Caring for Dental Emergencies

dental emergency

As we all know, toothaches and any type of oral injury can be extremely painful and should be seen by a dentist immediately. Many causes may surround your emergency, but whether you’ve chipped your tooth eating hard candy or you lost a tooth while playing a game of baseball – you need to find a […]

Maintaining Optimal Health

Maintaining Optimal Health

Studies have proven that oral health, if not maintained can majorly affect other parts of the body. Oral health is extremely important to health as a whole, so ensuring we take optimal care of our teeth and realizing when signs and symptoms begin to show is significant. One of the issues that begins to cause […]